Privat: Company

Worldwide and cosmopolitan

Our corporate objectives are integrated into the values ​​of our culture and our society.

Needs of the market

CubiDesign Gehäuse GmbH develops and manufactures products that are aligned to the market. They help to meet people’s basic needs, improve their quality of life, and safeguard and increase their standard of living.

The customer as a partner

The success of the company becomes visible on the market. We recognize the needs of our customers quickly and provide a fast and cost-effective solution. Service is given the heighest weight.

CubiDesign is profit-oriented

Profit is a measure and the reward for a successful business. Profit is an indicator of a healthy company with a future. Only a healthy company can offer secure jobs and contribute to the community tasks of the state and society with its taxes.

Involved employees

Safety and environmental protection are equal values beside the goal of performance in international competition. We want our products to be environmentally friendly. Economic aspects must never be at the expense of safety. The integration of our employees into our company and to set a good example by living after our values is the basis for our performance.